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By Jimmy Pilnick on Oct 29, 08 06:07 PM in Fans

I was planning to write a blog previewing tonight's game against Portsmouth; about how much I was looking forward to going to Anfield tonight following Sunday's amazing win at Stamford Bridge; about the feel-good factor of being a Red at the present moment; about how much I was looking forward to seeing Peter Crouch given a standing ovation by the Kop; about how much I hoped Liverpool would grab the bull be the horns after going top of the Premier League. Sadly though, an old enemy of our club and city has reared his ugly head yet again.

For anyone who has been on another planet for the past few days, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand played at best what was an insensitive prank on the Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs and there's been a national outcry about it. Despite the country sliding into recession, the prime minister has even seen fit to comment on the matter.

Whatever your views on Ross and Brand's antics, surely they weren't as bad as kicking a city when it was at its lowers ebb and preparing to bury its dead? Yet that's what Kelvin McKenzie did with his outrageous lies under the headline "The Truth" - lies he's since admitted he stands by. Now the very same Kelvin McKenzie is leading the public out-cry against Ross and Brand. Did Ross and Brand accuse anyone of urinating on policemen? NO. Did they accuse anyone of stealing from dead bodies? NO. Did they accuse anyone of beating a gate down? NO. For McKenzie to protest at their antics is akin to Robert Mugabe preaching about the virtues of human rights.

Yet the same broadcaster who have suspended Ross and Brand give McKenzie air-time to preach his rank hypocrisy, despite the fact that he's never apologised for what he said in 1989 and despite the Taylor Report condemning his filthy lies as exactly that. They're not the only ones - hearing McKenzie's voice on the radio news prompted me to write this piece. (I didn't see the TV piece with him). The very mention of his name makes my skin crawl. The fact that somebody sees fit to pay him money from OUR license fee to air his views is beyond contempt. According to a poster on the Red and White Kop forum, the BBC received 1,500 complaints about Ross and Brand and now they've taken the pair off air. Surely then we, as Liverpool fans, can do the same to get McKenzie off the air?

E-mail the BBC at the following address:

Tell them we don't want this hypocrite on television, radio or any other means of media from where he can spout his poisonous views. Tell them it's OUR license fee that pays his wages every time they employ him. And tell them 96 fellow Reds still haven't had justice nearly 20 years on, a fact for which Kelvin McKenzie is at least partly responsible and not in the least bit remorseful.


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