To Be or Not to Be

By Faith Fulcher on Sep 28, 09 01:31 PM in Fans

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To be or not to be, now that is a good question. I arrived home after a wonderful long weekend in Liverpool last night only to go onto the Liverpool Football Club facebook page and my eyes immediately caught the words Saudi Prince. What have I missed, I asked myself and opened up several of the discussions. It appeared that George Gillett was at Anfield on Saturday along with a member of the Saudi Royal Family.

Arriving at Anfield early and after paying my respects at the Hillisborough memorial I waited outside the main stand entrances. Although it was only 11.15 in the morning there was an awful lot of activity amongst the security personal and police. I watched and waited as the crowds began to build up and after a while several people carriers turned up. Their occupant's who to me seemed totally disinterested with the whole affair, entered Anfield, clutching shirts and surrounded by security personnel. Curiosity now took over - I checked with one of the stewards about the stand opening times and then claimed my patch outside the main entrance. I was determined to find out what was going on.

The crowds were now building up, Kenny Dalglish arrived and was ushered in quickly shortly before Alan Kennedy who took time to sign autographs and chat to us. As you can imagine by then time was passing and the area was becoming thick with supporters so it was getting impossible to stay put but I managed - there was no way that I was moving. I will be honest, I had hoped to speak to either Tom Hicks and George Gillett if they had decided to visit Anfield that afternoon . This did not happen, although the next person to arrive was I presume now, George Gillett. A car turned up and was immediately surrounded - the man, must have felt like piggy in the middle - he was virtually carried into the building. Myself and other supporters could not see who it was and our attention was quickly turned to Jimmy Case , who again took time out to speak to some of the younger fans and I managed to get his autograph. The next person to arrive was Peter McDowall of Citytalk Radio who I would love to have spoken too, but he appeared to be in a hurry - typical man, he was probably running a little late. I listen to his show on my internet radio when at home and would recommend it to anyone

About 10 minutes later the police horses arrived and everyone had to move. There was a young lad beside me, who when I explained that it meant the team coach was about to arrive, climbed on his poor dad's back, but hey I am sure dad did not mind - a couple of moments later the lad had pictures of Rafa and Fernando Torres.
I then left the melee and made my way around to the Kop. Taking my seat I was totally unaware that according to the press things were happening behind the scenes.
It appears that George Gillet was in talks with Prince Faizal bin Fahad bin Abdullah al Said owner of F6. Apparently the Prince is interested in acquiring 25 - 50% of Anfield. I have quoted both amounts because it changes from paper to paper and also varies depending on what online site you look at. The price quoted is between £200 and £350 million. According to reports this morning the deal is nearing completion - Or is it?
Tom Hicks apparently is not keen on the idea but my understanding is a Memorandum of Understanding has apparently been signed which makes way for the process of due diligence etc to begin. Why I wonder is he not keen on the idea - my inquisitive brain is now working and I wonder if he is in fact hiding something. He also has it written into the original sale agreement that if George Gillett wanted out, he would have a major say in who was to become his new partner, along with the option of buying some of George Gilletts shares. I would have thought that because he and George Gillett do not get on and certainly cannot have the type of business relationship that they should have, it would be better for him to go.
In fact to be honest I suggest, that if the rumours are true, both Tom Hicks and George Gillett offer the Prince 100% and then perhaps if he works along with us the supporters, we can get the club back on a level footing again.

What I would ask is, that the Anfield press office comes clean on this to quell the rumours - there are so many around this morning, most of which I am sure are just snippets that supporters have picked up and expanded along the way.

Last night I had only been online about 10 minutes and I had a barrage of questions to answer - not good when you have no idea of what has happened. There are a lot of people on the interest who regard me as a spokesperson for Liverpool Football club because of my knowledge. I am pleased with this and feel that I need the right information to give them.

How I wish the story had broken before I left Liverpool yesterday lunchtime - I would still be there now, trying to find out hopefully the truth. You see I care about my beloved club, more I believe than I thought I did, Saturday proved that, My first time on the Kop for 5 years and I was in heaven, fantastic seat, fantastic view, FANTASTIC GAME, what more can a true supporter ask for. A season ticket would be good - but I guess that is something that will not happen. I shall just join the weekly fight for tickets on the phone and keep my fingers crossed. Virgin trains are going to be very happy until I find a job and move up - which I am praying will be soon.

When that happens, I want the club to be in the right hands and the mismanagement of the last few years starting to be forgotten so although I don't know you Prince Faizal, (I apologise for shortening your name and hope that I have not caused an offence) please push the deal forward and restore the supporters faith in the business side of the club. I am not worried about new players - they will come eventually - it is the debt that bothers me - that needs to be cleared.

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