A New Dawn Begins This Afternoon At Anfield

By Faith Fulcher on Jun 30, 10 01:25 PM in Fans

Several weeks ago Rafa Benitez, the man, many supporters of the club saw as their messiah and savour left Liverpool Football Club. For five of the six years that he was at the club, success seemed to be high on the agenda and everything appeared to be going to plan. Last season though, perhaps through lack of money, bad buys, injuries and players who appeared to have lost any interest in playing for the club Rafa could only guide us into seventh place.

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After weeks of speculation about whether he would stay or whether he would go Rafa reached an agreement and he left the club. This signalled the start of what has become a month of rumours, a month of supporters hopes being pulled this way and that. Old rivalries have been opened up with some supporters openly voicing their opinions why a certain person should not be in the hot seat. Newspaper and internet forums have been filled with vitriol and hatred towards anyone whose name was not Rafa Benitez or Kenny Dalglish. Christian Purslow and Martin Broughton though have maintained a dignified silence through it all and after weeks of speculation, Roy Hodgson is the man now poised to take over the hot seat.


He is expected to arrive on Merseyside to put pen to paper this afternoon and will be unveiled tomorrow lunchtime at a press conference which has a provisional star time of 1-2 p.m.
Roy I understand will then immediately begin the task of persuading Stevie and Torres that their future still lies within the walls of Anfield. Mascherano I am not too sure about as I believe he has not been happy for quite a while and in everyone's interest it may be better if he moves on.

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What could prove to be a pivotal time in the clubs history has also been bolstered by press reports last night, that the club are looking to expand Kenny's role which would enable him to work alongside Roy. This would I feel be great for the club and perhaps the old boot room spirit would become evident again. Both men have a wealth of experience in the football field, some good and some bad, but lessons I am sure have been learnt along the way and the players will soon benefit from a good English system being put into place at the club.

What everyone has to remember is that a new dawn is about to start at our beloved club and what happened in the past has to now become part of its history. If stability can again be found in the dressing room and on the pitch, it may open the door to a new beginning in the boardroom.

I urge every Liverpool supporter to get behind our new manager, whatever your feelings. I think we may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

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