Calling all Liverpool fans from around the world: here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a shareholder in the club.

By Barry Ringstead on Jun 9, 10 07:00 AM in Fans

Dr Rogan Taylor of ShareLiverpoolFC.jpg

Dr Rogan Taylor, a founder member of ShareLiverpoolFC

There's an organization you no doubt will have heard of called ShareLiverpoolFC (SLFC) who, led by Dr Rogan Taylor a Liverpool fan for almost 50 years and the director of the Football Industry Group at the University of Liverpool, have been working diligently to create an organization that can mount a serious and financially sound way for fans like you and me to own equity in Liverpool FC and, if there are enough of us prepared to commit ourselves, outright ownership. That means no more Hicks's or Gillette's again, ever. Think it's impossible? Think again. Clubs like Bayern Munich and Barcelona have exactly this kind of ownership model and are obviously two of the worlds most successful clubs.

So how does this all work? Here's a quote from the SLFC web site explaining it:

"The ShareLiverpoolFC plan involves a minimum investment of £500 to buy a share in the company seeking to own equity in the Club. The share is not-for-profit; one fan: one share, and confers the right to stand for election to the board and the right to vote in any elections. ShareLiverpoolFC has over 35,000 registered supporters whose current pledges alone could raise up to £40 million in order to acquire a stake in the club."

The drive is now on to get as many of the estimated 4 million Liverpool fans in the UK & Ireland and the countless millions of fans around the world to register their commitment on SLFC's web site as soon as possible. Why the urgency now? Because "the board of ShareLiverpoolFC just confirmed it now has the required funds to underwrite the costs of organizing and delivering a full share issue under stringent regulations of the UK's Financial Services Authority".

The reality is Liverpool FC is up for sale, albeit at a ridiculous price expected by those greedy American, fatherless, cowboys (I'd have used fouler language but I don't think I'm allowed to) so this is the opportunity that SLFC and all Liverpool fans have been waiting for. SLFC says "This is our time" meaning the chance for all Liverpool fans to own and protect the club they love, forever.

In an update email I received today from SLFC it further explained the viability of their proposal:

"Unlike the collapsing 'Red Knights' proposal at Man Utd, ShareLiverpoolFC's plan does not depend upon a few wealthy fans, rather it relies upon the collective efforts of individual supporters in order to raise the funds necessary; not high net worth individuals behind the organisation".

SLFC are backed by past Liverpool heros John Aldridge and John Barnes who have both been long time supporters of their efforts.

This is indeed a fantastic opportunity to get Liverpool FC in the right hands - true and loyal supporters whose only desire is for the club to flourish financially, on the pitch and in the trophy room.

To learn more and register your commitment CLICK HERE to go to the ShareLiverpoolFC web site.

Please let as many Liverpool supporters know about ShareLiverpoolFC as possible and help make this dream a reality.

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