Time for ROY to call milk, milk

By Brendan Leary on Oct 29, 10 10:45 AM in Columnists

"We have got a lot more expensive failures on our list than good players that we have brought in for next to nothing."

So says Roy Hodgson. You may also know him as the motivational master who brought the "B Team' reference to Anfield.

There are at least four issues to take with Hodgson's comment.

First, it is incredibly foolish to say his squad contains LOTS of 'expensive failures' at any time. And especially so, in the days just after he's got some sort of foothold for an Anfield escape from the mire.

Just what is that meant to do for consolidating squad morale?

Second, the claim simply doesn't make sense.

Liverpool don't have LOTS of expensive players. How can it be we have LOTS MORE expensive failures than cheap good 'uns?

The only Liverpool players who cost 10M or more are Johnson, Torres, Miereles, Kuyt, Babel and Aquilani.

How many failures there? A lot?

And set against that, good players brought in for next to nothing?

Well at a minimum, in Roy's that would at least have to feature Cole and Aurelio, brought in on Hodgson's watch, and Shelvey and Krygiakos, who Roy has praised effusively this week.

Third, to the extent we grant that some of the expensive signings haven't worked out, it's Roy who has condemned them.

Like Aquilani farmed out with a buyout option, when everyone knew it would be his second season in which we started to see the best of him.

Babel can't get a subs appearance.

Finally, it is completely disingenuous for him to slander A LOT of our expensive signings without naming names specifically.

Those signings of ours who are expensive don't deserve the innuendo that their manager considers them a failure hanging over their heads.

Having clumsily nominated ANY member of our squad as a failure, Roy has to clear the air.

Rafa is willing to call milk, milk, Roy.

Why won't you level with us fans, and your squad, and call a spade a spade?

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