Are you listening now Mr. Henry?

By Barry Ringstead on Dec 31, 10 01:24 AM in Fans

Like the majority of Liverpool supporters I was delighted when NESV purchased the club. Finally, intelligent, savvy business people who knew how to create a winning sports team. Within hours of taking ownership John Henry's mantra was he and his team were going to listen to Liverpool supporters and learn.

My question is: "Are you listening now Mr. Henry?"

Roy Hodgson's appointment as manager was surprising to say the least. Many felt he was likely a stop gap while the ownership situation was sorted out as no manager of any pedigree would accept the job without knowing the future of the club. However, I for one was willing to give him a chance to prove what he was capable of. That was the right & fair thing to do. But now we have the proof and it's not good, in fact it's disastrous and so John Henry and Tom Werner et al need to show they are listening to the collective voice of the Liverpool supporters and act quickly.

Roy Hodgson isn't the right manager to take Liverpool forward. Instead of blaming the greatest supporters of any sports team in the world, never mind Liverpool, Hodgson needs to take responsibility for the current situation and move on but most importantly NESV need to show us they are the real deal and do what's best for Liverpool FC and act now.

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