Gutted by Torres transfer request...but can you blame him?

By Barry Ringstead on Jan 29, 11 04:24 PM in

Fernando Torres is one of the worlds finest strikers. He's at the peak of his playing career at 26 and like everyone else he's sick of the way Liverpool have been owned, managed and performed.

He wants success and trophies to show for his unbelievable talent so who can blame him for wanting to go to another club where he can play with other top players who can make him even more successful on and off the pitch?

Don't get me wrong. I want Torres to stay. The new owners have just proved their intent to improve the squad by investing in Suarez and now that Kenny is in charge things are really beginning to turn around. So the timing of Torres's transfer request is, to say the least, confusing even more so by the fact that it's come just a few days before the transfer window closes. Why not earlier?

No one wants a player to stay if he isn't committed to club and at times during the past two seasons Torres's body language has not been good. He's been plagued by injuries, which has not helped, so if he truly is unhappy being at Liverpool then we should accept the inevitable.

I will be gutted if Torres leaves but it's not the end of the world. I remember Keegan leaving Liverpool and was gutted by his decision too. How could we replace him? Impossible. But along came the King. Long live the King.

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