JW Henry: clutch player? Let's find out

By Brendan Leary on Jan 31, 11 09:51 AM in Columnists

US sports have a great term for those who consistently deliver when the game is on the line: a clutch player.

We are about to find out if JW Henry has the big play in him at the big time.

Even for a man of considerable accomplishment, being asked to dispatch a club icon within your first few months at your new club is a tough ask.

But today we need him to eyeball Torres, eyeball Abramovich. And tell them LFC sets it own schedule.

Hold over to the summer when conditions suit us, and not them. Transact in a seller's market, not a buyer's.

Maybe he's got more than one big play in him.

Talk is of Charlie Adam AND Ashley Young, if Torres leaves.

But if Young is a value proposition without Torres, surely that is only even more the case with him there. Great service needs the right finishing touch one the end of it.

It's hardly like we face great financial constraints anymore. There should be no reason why we cannot afford to buy Young without selling Torres.

So. Young; Adam; Suarez; a frustrated Torres. The last of those may not remain frustrated, in that company.

All can be LFC's this time tomorrow.

Question is: can JW Henry deliver?

Let's find out if we have our own Mr Clutch.

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