From Horror to Ecstasy In the Space of Four Days

By Faith Fulcher on Feb 1, 11 07:34 PM in Fans

Yesterday was the last day of the January transfer market. A day which for the last three years meant that Liverpool supporters watched as everyone else bought players, they knew the club could not afford.

This year though it would be different, although a hurdle that none of us expected would have to got over first. On Thursday evening around 8.00 p.m. a journalist I know got in touch and said prepare yourself for a shock. I was not as close to this particular journalist as I am too one of his colleagues so what not told what it was but was given the time the paper would go to print. This would be an hour later, but as the clock ticked down, the publication time was put back to midnight, something which I suspect they now regret because The Times stole their thunder.

The news was that Liverpool striker, Fernando Torres was looking to leave the club. I don't know how I felt but I know I read the words several times over before telling people. Still not believing it, I know spent the best part of the next hour reading all the other online editions of the main Daily papers. They were of course by now all saying the same thing. Torres had hit the club with a massive bombshell, he wanted out and although not evident immediately it soon became common knowledge that he wanted to move to Chelsea

After the first of what was going to become yet another group of sleepless nights down to my beloved LFC, you could not switch on a radio, television or read a newspaper whether online or the paper editions without seeing, that Liverpool it appeared were in trouble because there had so far in this transfer window been no indication of anybody being brought into the club.

I had wondered for some time watching Torres, if it was something other than his form that had bothering him. Late Monday evening I would find out in the most disgraceful way what it was. Before that happened though, Friday was spent wondering why and if the club would allow it to happen. Later in the day, as the vultures began to gather the club issued a statement. Torres was not for sale.

Momentum though was gathering around Torres and on Saturday Guillem Balague, did a serious of interview on Merseyside radio stating why Torres had to leave Liverpool and that it would be better for him to do so. If you wish to listen to this, please go to the Radio City website where they have made the recording available. By Saturday evening it was revealed that an verbal transfer request had been made, followed by a written one - both of which were refused. Still there was no indication of anybody coming in, although the rumour mill was doing very well. Not being someone was reads or listens to the rubbish on these, I had spent Saturday by the radio and television. I will also be honest in saying that I was so worried about the situation that my weekly shopping trip to Tesco turned into a lets do it online shopping trip. I was not going to leave the house for fear of missing anything.

Sunday came and it appeared that Liverpool were doing all they could to keep hold of him but equally his agents his agents were doing all they could to ensure he left. It was at this time, the full horror was beginning to unfold, he wanted to go to the cheats down south called Chelsea. Roman had suddently woken up to the fact that he would lose money on his investment if he did not bring in new players. He would pay for these out of his own pocket, because the club were making a massive operating loss. Still there appeared to be no movement with the club - just a rumour going around that they they had secured the services of a player called Luis Suarez. More hours were spent listening to the radio and watching the tv, then it was confirmed, Liverpool had indeed bought a player, and he was not from the bargain basement. The Euphoria that should have been around the young man's arrival was overshadowed by the immient departure of another.

Monday came and we had already been informed that the press conference was a pre-match one, nothing more. The media being the media though, pressed for answers and Kenny being the man he is simply said that NO MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB HE PLAYS FOR whilst talking about the players. My mind went into overdrive and reading between the lines, came the thought we are in for some surprises. What they were at this point of course nobody knew.

I was keeping everyone informed that I knew wanted information on LFC about the comings and goings that morning. Torres of course the main subject and all we had for somes time was the news about the possible saleprice, the clause in his contract and whether or not Chelsea could persuade Liverpool to sell. The clock ticked away and I suddenly realised that America had woken up.

Within an hour, from being a relatively quiet morning, it had turned it a madhouse. There were emais to be answered, twitter messages to respond to and messages to be left on facebook. Liverpool had agreed to sell Torres and were in the market for more players. Then came shock number two, we were apparently looking at Andy Carroll who at this point time was valued at £30million. Suarez had cost £22 million and here was Liverpool thinking of spending a further large amount. A three year old nightmare had come to an end and it felt great to be a Liverpool Supporter again.

Our new owner, John W Henry, although promising to be prudent in his buys when he bought the club, had enter the English transfer market a roller coaster twelve hours had begun. We spent time watching bids being rejected, new bids being placed, until finally a certain young man walked out of Melwood for the last time and we welcomed two more in. Liverpool Football club had started yet another part of recovery and it felt good.

As Monday turned into Tuesday. that young man gave a television interview for his new club. I have not heard it in full and quite frankly do not want to. It appears that he had been looking to move to Chelsea for at least eighteen months. He had no intention of playing well for Liverpool, which of course explains his dire performances apart from one, and we all not which one that was. The young man had not only let the club down, he had broken the hearts of many thousands of supporters who lives revolved around his very name.

He also said that he wanted to go to a bigger club and win things. My answer to that is, I hate to say but you are in for one hell of a rude awakening. They are a club in decline, in debt, they cheat and believe me there is no way they are going to get those trophies - Liverpool are back in business so it won't happen.

The fallout of course means that I spent today feeling really awful and upset because of what I said about Roy Hodgson during the last 6-8 weeks of his tenure at the club. He stood no chance at the club because his star striker had no intention of doing what he was paid for. If he had, we may well have been in fourth place by now.

Still it is the past now and as I have said Liverpool Football Club are on their way back and that was cemented by tweet received from Linda Pizzuti this morning, that simply stated that the rebuilding had began AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT - IT FEELS SO GOOD.

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