The Day The Media Agreed That Kenny Had Indeed Come Home

By Faith Fulcher on Feb 7, 11 04:06 PM in Fans

After the events of last Monday which saw a certain young man move down South to the Chav's club Chelsea, you just knew that something else would follow in the fallout.
As luck would have it, we are playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge the following Sunday and everyone wonder what the reaction of Liverpool's players would be as they faced their former colleague. We need not have worried though because under the stewardship of temporary manager Kenny Dalglish, it would be made clear from the offset that they were there to do one thing and one thing only. Come hell or high water they were going to win that game.

Over the previous week, those supporters that were making the 200 mile trek down South had been making new banners and preparing songs and chants to vent their anger at the young man for letting Liverpool down. So it seenmed though were Chelsea, but as Southerners have a habit of doing, not only did they copy one, they forgot to remove what to Liverpudlians represents a massive part of the clubs history. This of course was pointed out to them many times over the course of several days but they did not change it. Not that it mattered because Liverpudlians have a fantastic way of out witting people, and the banners on the away end at Stamford Bridge proved that.

These were a few of the banners produced: Breaking News: Ya paid £50 mil for Margi Clarke, He Who Betrays Will always Walk Alone and Torres a pawn on our chessboard but the King remains'.

Both teams knew they had something to aim for, Chelsea had to try and close the gap on the leaders and Liverpool were aiming to move up to 6th place in the league table. Most of all though a certain young man had to prove the empty words that had come out of his mouth several days earlier were the right ones.

The big test of the day was of course how a certain young man would cope with all this after Anelotti decided to throw him at the deep end. Maybe the atmosphere inside the ground gave everyone an indication of how the afternoon would go, because going by the noise coming from the travelling Kop, you would honestly have thought it was a home game. They were in full voice and if the Chelsea chavs were trying to do the same you certainly could not hear them.

The match kicked off and and it immediately became evident to Chelsea that it was not going to be a walk over. Kenny had arranged his team with three at the back and with the rest of the team being allowed to roam outside their areas it made it extremely difficult for Chelsea to keep the ball. The Liverpool team were playing with gusto and apart from an early mistake by Maxi which meant that a certain young man nearly scored for his new club. Of course it also took a couple of great challenges from Jamie and Daniel Agger to show him that we meant busines. Liverpool though kept up the momentum and reached the end of the first half with the scores level at 0.0.

The half time break thankfully passed very quickly and with both teams back on the pitch, the match unfolded in much the same way as the first half until a shock wave went through the Chelsea supporters. Ancelotti had seen enough, his new £50million signing was being taken off the pitch. The young man of course had done his usual and decided he simply was not going to turn up. To add insult to injury, Stevie G then got hold of the ball, made a fantastic pass that was picked up by Meireles and the ball hit the back of the net.

Kenny who is getting quite a name for himself due to his celebrations jumped up, threw his arms in the air and the look on his face said it all - Liverpool were back in business and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.

The camera off course swung to the Chelsea team benches and showed a young man who looked shell-shocked and deep in thought. We can only guess of course what this was, but I get the feeling someone is already regretting his decision to leave Liverpool.

The match contined with Chelsea being run off the park and as the final whistle approached they did everything they could to try and get the referee to give some decisions in their favour. Thankfully it did not work and Liverpool were worthy winners.

Kenny again showed what team work meant. As the whistle blew he turned around and shook the hands of Sammy and steve along with other members of the Liverpool Bench. What was even more telling and I must admit brings a lump to my throat each time I watch it, is the way he either hugged or shook the hand of each player as they left the pitch.

His post match press conference was yet another gem to listen too. The gentleman from Sky was immediately put in his place with straight answer which if translated into English meant simply - Mind your own business because I am not telling you anything.

We all know how sceptical the media can be where managers are considered, particularly those papers based in the South East. After the game yesterday though you knew that the aura surrounding Kenny was spreading further afield than Liverpool 4. The media, many of whom send reporters who support Liverpool Football club, brought up the debate of whether Kenny should be offered a permanent contract into their articles and online discussions. the concencious amongst all of them, was yes he should and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. The one I think that shocked me the most was a tweet from Patrick Barclay of The Times. Partick as I am sure you are all aware pulls Liverpool Football Club apart whenever the opportunity arises. Last night though he tweeted that he believes John Henry must do the right thing and appoint Kenny immediately.

The next shock came this morning for me. I am a regular contributor to the comments part of Liverpool's page on the Mirror Football website. Now I have made a few enemies on there - for some reason the supporters from either of the manc clubs tend to comment our page as well. There is one that always argues with me and unfortunately our spats have become a must read for people, but this morning I was left speechless and still have not answered his latest comment. You see, even Kenny's magic appears to have hit him, he was agreeing with everything I had said.

So it appears for the first time in a good 5 years Liverpool have the media behind it and like the Return of the Old Liverpool Way to the corridors of Anfield it is down to one man and his name is Kenny Dalglish.

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