Knighthood for Kenny Dalglish

By Faith Fulcher on Apr 27, 11 04:53 PM in Fans

Two weeks ago towards the end of the 22nd Hillsborough Memorial Service, Steve Rotherham, MP for Liverpool Walton, announced to the congregation and the watching television audience that he would be putting a request before parliament.  This request would be calling for Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish to be made a Knight of Realm.  It was of course greeted with a massive round of applause whilst a rather startled Kenny Dalglish looked on, but being the man he is, Kenny stood up, waved and smiled at the crowd.

Steve explained that this request would be put forward in the form of an Early Day Motion.  These are notifications by Members of the House to register their interest in a subject.  They are in effect a form of petition as their main function before any debate is to gather as many signatures as possibly.  To be perfectly honest it is very rare for these to be debated on the floor of the House of Common during its lifetime.  This lifetime will last for the length of the Parliamentary session.  This will be its natural ending before the break up for the summer recess or if Parliament is dissolved early.  The Motion itself is resurrected when the new session opens in October, but again there is no guarantee of its time span or whether it will be successful.

This is how the motion is set out in this morning's Parliamentary list.  Each motion is given a unique number as you will see below:-

Early Day Motion for 1733


Session 2010-11

Date Tabled:  26.04.2011

Primary Sponsor:  Rotherham, Steve

Sponsors:  Brown Russell, Eagle, Maria, McGovern, Alison, Twigg, Derek, Watts, Dave

Total Number of Signatures: 13

Benton Joe,

Coffey, Therese

McGovern, Alison

Watts, Dave

Berger, Luciana

Eagle, Marie

Rotherham, Steve

Betts, Clive

Ellman, Louise

Twigg, Derek

Brown, Russell

Esterson, Bill

Twigg, Stephen

This is the Motion:  That this House notes the outstanding contribution to British Football by Kenny Dalglish as both a player and a manager: recognises his support alongside his wife Marine for charitable causes: further notes his continued support for the dignified campaign by the families of the 96 Liverpool Supporters who died at the Hillsborough Disaster on 15 April 1989: calls on the Government to recommend that Kenny Dalglish be knighted; and believes that any award would be a fitting tribute to the Hillsborough Families' unstinting campaign for Justice for the 96.

If you wish to see the original it can be found on:

Signatures can be added to this as and when the Members of Parliament wish to do so.  They are printed off whenever it happens for the first 2 weeks, and then every Thursday until the Parliamentary Session ends.  The more signatures there are, the more likely it is to be debated, but as with all Parliamentary business, something else classified as more important may get in the way.


Those of you that live in the Merseyside area can contact their local Member of Parliament, either by letter or email stating that you support their request for Kenny's knighthood.  These are I believe also passed on to the Parliamentary office.

Those of you that live outside the boundaries of Merseyside can contact Steve Rotherham MP directly at the email address below:

I have received an email from Steve and he has promised to keep me up to date with what is happening.  I will of course pass this information on as and when I receive it.  We may be in for a long wait, so the main thing here is going to be patience.

There must not be any making up of for example: Get on With it Pages on Facebook, no nasty or ill-informed tweets on Twitter, Or indeed any nasty emails to Steve or any of the other Members of Parliament who are trying to further the motion.  WHY?  you may ask - the simple answer is that, it would do more harm to the cause than good.






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