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I had a funny feeling last night, that Thursday the 12th May 2011 was going to turn into a strange day. My daughter had been due to fly back from Dallas but due to the tornadoes, she went out to chase, her flight back was delayed that many times I had a sleepless night.  I had also heard rumblings that something was afoot regarding Kenny and Liverpool Football Club.


This of course played on my mind and with it still bugging me this morning, I decided that I needed to get the weekly shop done and then concentrate on my beloved club.  I think the Kenny effect must have kicked in then because it was done in record time and I returned home to find twitter and Facebook full of rumours about when the King would be crowned. 


There was also a note on the LFCTV website giving the time of the Tottenham pre-match press conference.  Being an avid follower of these, I thought it was rather strange to have it today rather than tomorrow, stranger things were to happen though.  I went online and brought up the LFCTV Live events page - it was showing a run through of the season's goals. This finished and then a programme about Andy Carroll started, so I went back onto twitter.  After bringing my tweets up to date, there was one from Ben Smith of the Times, which read the immortal words "Kenny Dalglish has been awarded a three year contract"


Liverpool FC midfielder Jay Spearing deserves his England U21 call-up, says John Aldridge

LIVERPOOL legend John Aldridge believes Jay Spearing's maiden call-up for England Under-21s is just reward for his impressive form at club level.

Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard recalls the delight of lifting the FA Cup for the first time 10 years on

AS the minutes ticked away and Liverpool floundered in the Cardiff heat, Steven Gerrard feared his dream of an unprecedented cup treble was slipping away.

Liverpool FC jury: Reds fans on the rout of Fulham & the Spurs Europa League showdown

AFTER the win at Fulham critics have been quick to say the opposition was poor and with nothing to play for the Reds are able to relax and play expressive football.

Liverpool FC letters: Lucas could be the Reds next skipper

I would nominate Lucas to be the next captain of Liverpool, seriously! He is THE engine in midfield now, playing a dual role of defensive centre midfielder protecting the back four and yet driving the attack.

Liverpool FC supporters are the loudest, according to Fan Chants website

LIVERPOOL boast the Premier League's loudest supporters, according to research by the Fan Chants website.


Liverpool FC: Jay Spearing just can't get enough of Luis Suarez

JAY SPEARING admits he's loving watching the "mayhem" caused by Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Danny Murphy tipping rampant Liverpool FC for return to Europe's top tier

FULHAM captain Danny Murphy says in-form Liverpool can challenge for the Champions League next season.

John Aldridge: Fulham thrashing was best Liverpool FC performance since Old Trafford 2009

MONDAY'S 5-2 win over Fulham was, in my opinion, the best performance Liverpool have produced since they beat Manchester United 4-1 in April 2009.

I'm stating the obvious to say Suarez and Maxi were eye-catching at ths sharp end of things on Monday.

What's less apparent is that their fine work obscured the real star of the show: Lucas.

Look again at the tape, Reds fans - you owe watching that game again to yourself anyway, after suffering through half a season of Hodgson's Tripe (TM).

What you'll see on replay is FOUR - count 'em - defence splitters from our number 21.

We're Almost There

By Faith Fulcher on May 10, 11 12:53 PM in Fans

Is the title of another song by Michael Jackson.  I could of course have used Thriller because that is what we witnessed last night, but I think every journalist who attended the game last night used that in their reference to the Michael Jackson statue that sits forlornly outside Craven Cottage.  Why is it there and why Mohammed Al Fayed appears to believe that it will help him in his never ending journey to become famous, only he can answer.  Last night though, that statue in the first 45 minutes could probably have helped Fulham out of a massive rut.

Liverpool Football Club of course had learnt twenty four hours earlier that their bitter rivals had overtaken them in the title race and were gloating about that particular fact and going by what is being written this morning have no intention of letting it drop.  If all the coverage by the Manchester press as well as Facebook and twitter was designed to put Liverpool of its game last night, then it worked in totally the wrong way.

From the moment, the team were led out by Jamie was as we all know was making his 666 performance, you just knew the evening was going to be a special one.  There was something in the air and I suspect the travelling Kop felt it too, because they were already in full voice, so much so that you would have thought the game was at Anfield.  Once the obligatory photographs had been taken and the teams had gone to their respective ends, if you were not already settled in at the game or in your armchair, you would miss the beginning of what would turn out to be a Kenny Dalglish Master class.

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