Seven Days That Proved Once Again Strange Forces Are At Work

By Faith Fulcher on Dec 11, 11 09:43 AM in Fans

This time last week, nobody had the slightest idea that certain forces would ensure that Liverpool Football Club and several of its first team players would be pulled through the mire once more.  We were after all looking forward to our trip to Fulham on the Monday evening and the possibility of another major win.

Since then though, Fulham have had a change of manager and the team that stepped onto the pitch had a different mentality to the one we had met during the previous season and were determined to win. What we did not know, was that they would have the help of the referee to ensure this happened.

It was one of those games, where it did not matter what happened because the referee appeared to either be colour-blind or indeed a supporter of the home team.  Every decision went Fulham's way and indeed Luis Suarez appeared to be singled out once again for some rough and tumble treatment.  There were tackles and kicks that were ignored and he was also goaded by the crowd, so much so, that he finds himself on the other end of another FA Charge.  A charge, that in my opinion appears to have been as manufactured as the decisions Fulham were given to ensure they won the game. 

The club were also hit with a disorderly charge, because the rest of the team, knew the red card awarded to Jay Spearing, was wrong and as anyone would in any situation, surrounded the person in charge and tried to make him see reason.  As far as I am aware no foul language was used or indeed any disrespect aimed at the referee, so again, it looks as though this was manufactured to please other parties within the FA.

Who these parties are, I am sure you are aware because still hanging over Luis Suarez is a racism charge.  A charge that is taking too long to prove, because again it has been manufactured to try and ensure a good player is stopped from playing in the premiership.  A player that could ultimately, ruin the season for those particular parties by ensuring that he helped Liverpool show that they were on the way back.

Now Luis has remained as focused as he can on his career, although his goal scoring exploits appeared to have become a thing of the past.  He has either misjudged his kick, with the ball going either over the post or indeed wide and I suspect it had got to the point, where he began to question his own ability.  An Ability that will always be there and will one day arrive once more.

Kenny has always stuck by his man. A man who many class as the club's only striker´╗┐ and said that he believed the goals would return in time.  This afternoon, was that time and after what was a Liverpool dominated first half that simply lacked the goals, the jinx was finally broken.  The team emerged from the half time break to score within a minute and half of the restart.  The scorer of the goal was the one and only Luis Suarez and the relief that showed on his face was felt by everyone.

Liverpool was now in front and for the next 45 minutes the trials and tribulations of the past seven days were forgotten to a certain degree.  Referee Lee Mason did make a couple of mistakes but to give him some credit he did protect Luis Suarez a lot better than some of his colleagues have in the past.

But until the FA takes its referees and certain other parties to task, then players such as Luis Suarez will have to suffer weeks or indeed months of wondering whether their career will be interrupted because of the spiteful actions of other parties.

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