Two Statements Issued, But Both Are Missing A Vital Word

By Faith Fulcher on Jan 4, 12 03:57 PM in Fans

Those two statements of course were from Liverpool Football Club and Luis Suarez. They were designed to put the racial abuse case surrounding Luis Suarez to bed, but ultimately I feel that they may have just added more fuel to the fire.


Why is this you may ask? 


The statement from the club, which was issued an hour before kick-off last night, was done in that way to show the Football Association, that they too can play the same game.  If you recall on New Year's Eve, the FA Committee issued its written reasons for the earlier verdict as the team were preparing for their game against Newcastle United.  Whether there was anything in this, we will never know, so I will let the conspiracy theorists make their own minds up here - As far as I am I concerned, it was simply the last item to be dealt with by the close of business, on that particular day.

The statement from the club appeared to have been written in two parts, the first of course was the club still denying that they felt Luis had done nothing wrong.  They also added to the already highly fuelled fire, by stating that they felt conspiracies were at work within the Football Association.  I will admit to feeling that myself sometimes, but in this case it is very hard to find out where, because quite simply they have followed their own procedures and brought in a highly qualified QC to ensure that the process was done in the right and proper manner. 


Now that gentleman would not risk ruining his own eminent career by letting people walk all over him.  He had once hell of a mess to sort out and in issuing a 115 page document that contained his and his fellow panellist's views, he has done that.  It has not gone down very well with shall we say the feral idiotic supporters of Liverpool Football Club, because as I said in my earlier blog, their hero can do no wrong.  Unfortunately sometimes even a hero can make mistakes and Luis Suarez by using a word that is deemed as abusive in the English Language, has done just that.


I also believe that most of them have not read the report thoroughly enough to understand the situation.  As much as I hate to say it, I get a feeling that perhaps several of those in the Public Relations and Press departments at Liverpool Football Club, have also not appeared to have studied the report in the way they should have.  There is an awful lot at stake here, a player's career, a manager's career and a major Premiership club's reputation.  Reputations that will continue to be tarnished until someone bites the bullet and says that one little word, that will mean so much - Sorry.


The second part of the club's statement brings up the fact that Liverpool Football Club has made strides in their own campaign to kick Racism out of Football.  What they have done of course is commendable and I am sure will continue.

It also mentions very briefly the Racism issue in the United States.  This, if you know your history has been a major bug bear for that particular nation over several centuries and great strides have been made to eradicate it over there.  Which brings me to ask the question, where is John Henry and Tom Werner, in all of this?  They are after all the club's owners and we need more than a reference to America to prove to us that they are fully aware of the situation.


The statement of course also told us, that Luis would start his eight match ban that evening, which quite frankly at the moment, is the only right thing that has happened.  It will of course mean that providing we can get past Oldham, he will be back for the clash against Tottenham on February 6th.  If not it will be the game against Manchester United on February 11th.  A game, that is now guaranteed to be a battlefield on and off the pitch.  Again if that simple word with so much meaning - sorry - is issued, it will stop what could quite possibly become a highly combustible situation.


We now fast forward to the post-match interview after last night's game against Manchester City - a game we lost because, although the team tried their best, their minds were elsewhere.  We also have a striker who appears unable to do what he is supposed to- that though is a story for another day.


Kenny was, as expected fielded questions by the media about the statements that had been issued.  He did as, he always does and handled the situation very well, but rather than put a lid on the affair - relighted the glowing cinders by stating that things had gone on during the hearing that none of us were privy too.  What he or the club need to do now is clarify what these are and should be able to do so, unless they are prepared to take the situation by several private prosecutions.   The situation that the club believes they now find themselves in would become a lot clear not only to us the supporters but to all sections of the media, if this was done.


His support for Luis is one of a father protecting his son - for want of a better example.  I can understand him doing this, but due to the offence committed, I feel may be a little mis-guided, unless of course, as I have said in the paragraph above, there is more too this than meets the eye.  We must remember here that an offence has been committed and in any other walk of life, Luis's contract would have been terminated immediately without any further comment.


Now to Luis's statement and as a supporter of the club, I commend him for making it.  It is heart-wrenching to be honest, because I feel that he still does not understand the severity of the situation.  He has made a mistake and let's face it, we all do.  To help put that mistake right, he must say sorry, even if it is through tightly clasped teeth.

What Luis must now do is learn from that mistake and ensure that the use of words that can be deemed as having different meanings in different languages in other parts of the world.


He must also now immerse himself in projects that will help rid of the world of racism, not just the racism that still appears to exist in the sporting arena.  This will help repair his tarnished image and ensure that he can continue in his chosen career, because that has been damaged quite possibly beyond repair unless as I have said throughout this article, he utters that small word, that can mean so much, to so many people - Sorry.


I will finish by saying that I have been a Liverpool supporter for nearly 48 years and it has if the truth be known, it has broken my heart to witness, what I have witnessed over the last eight weeks.  We are now a club in turmoil once again. Supporters are fighting with other supporters, because our views differ and that is something that the arrival of Kenny Dalglish on the 8th January 2011was supposed to have put an end too.  We are also and I hate to say this, going to witness the demise of a once great club because there is a misguided belief that strange forces are at work, trying to destroy something that they don't like.


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