Liverpool Football Club Have Confirmed That Revenge Is Indeed Sweet

By Faith Fulcher on May 9, 12 06:21 PM in

For Liverpool supporters the last seven days have been a rather like that of rollercoaster because of the difference in performances that we have witnessed.  Last Tuesday we caught up with our postponed fixtures and faced Fulham at Anfield and because of what had happened on previous Saturday, everyone thought that the result was going to be a foregone conclusion.

That result of course was the 4-0 routing by Everton and with it having left the Fulham team demoralised, nobody believed that they would leave Anfield with a result.   They did of course, because the football Liverpool served up on the Tuesday evening was nothing less than shameful.

There was no cohesion in the way the players were going about their job.  Nobody seemed to know who was playing where so consequently massive mistakes were made and Fulham quickly took the lead with an own goal by Martin Skrtel.  Now Martin as we know has been pivotal part of the Liverpool squad this season and if it had not been for his and Daniel Agger's heroics for most of the season, the goal tally from the opposition teams could have been a lot higher than it was.   

Liverpool of course never recovered from this and having witnessed ninety minutes of rubbish, Liverpool supporters were leaving Anfield early.  This of course is not normal where Liverpool supporters are concerned but I guess there comes a time when, you have to register your disgust in the only way that you know how.  Those that stayed booed the team of the pitch.

A lot of people said that it was just another of those games, but when you look back at the season we have seen plenty of those and quite frankly the effort put in by the team has simply not been good enough.

Last Saturday of course was the day that every Liverpool supporter had looked forward too for several weeks.  It was FA Cup Final day and as always appears to happen; several obstacles had been put in the way to ensure that it was going to be a challenge to get there and back to Merseyside.  But where Liverpudlians are concerned, where there is a will, there is a way and make it they did.  In fact when you saw the shots of the stadium you knew that there were certainly more there than the 25,000 tickets that had been allocated to Liverpool Football club.

Everyone of course felt that the team would redeem themselves during this game but within minutes of the start, it became clear that yet again the players did not know in what position they were supposed to be playing or indeed who they were marking because what we had to sit and witness for the first hour was yet again another horror story.

Since Saturday a lot of people have laid the blame fairly and squarely on young Jay Spearing because he made a mistake, a mistake that was probably down to nerves more than anything else, for the simply reason as we witnessed throughout the afternoon, Wembley can do that to even the most seasoned of footballers

Chelsea of course capitalized on it and were 1-0 up within a couple of minutes and set the tempo for next hour.  Now you would have thought, this would have shaken Liverpool up, but it did not and the inevitable second goal arrived thus signalling to Liverpool that Chelsea were no longer the Chelsea that they beat several times earlier in the season


Now I have no idea about what went on in the dressing room at half time, but again it became clear during the first fifteen minutes of the second half that they had not listened.  Then Kenny did, what perhaps he should have done when he wrote his team down. 

He brought Andy Carroll into the fray and although I can only guess about what has happened since the dire performance on Tuesday, but what we saw in front of us for the final 30 minutes of the game was a revelation.  Here we had a player, who seemed to do no right, but his passing and his movement was superb and he was reading the game properly.

So much so that he scored and brought Liverpool back into the game. Chelsea of course were tiring by that time, but suddenly it seemed as though they could not fathom out how to break down the newly resurgent Liverpool team.  A Liverpool team that worked hard enough to ensure that in the final couple of minutes Andy had a goal disallowed.  Now that goal of course would have taken the Final into extra time, but it was deemed to have not crossed the line and whether it did or not will remain one of life's mysteries.  It also ensured that Chelsea were the 2012 FA Cup Winners.

But as I have said above Revenge in many forms can be extremely sweet and it certainly was.

Liverpool was due to play Chelsea at Anfield on the Tuesday.  This was of course their last game in front of their home crowd and to be honest it was one that they had to win to ensure that their final position in the Premiership was a lot more respectable than it could have been.  They also owed it to Kenny and the supporters because of the dreadful could not give a damn attitude that most of them held all season.

Chelsea I suspect felt that they could walk all over Liverpool once again and with the Champions League Final eleven days away, Roberto Di Matteo chose what a lot of people would call his reserve side.  This included Fernando Torres who as we know left Anfield last January for reasons that are still not clear to this day.

Liverpool also fielded a different line-up with both Stevie G and Enrique missing due to tightness after the cup final.  It was a line-up that included Jonjo Shelvey and Maxi Rodriquex as well as Andy Carroll and everyone wondered if they would continue where they left off last Saturday.

They did of course and what we saw in front of us was fantastic to watch.  Every one of the players was determined to make a point.  The passing and the speed of the ball was fantastic and the element of surprise that ran through the Chelsea team led to the first goal of the game.  There appeared to be some confusion in the goalmouth and with Luis Suarez beside him, Essen scored an own goal.

Anfield suddenly become alive on the pitch and in the stands.  The Kop led the singing with renditions of Kenny and Suarez's name. Also included were some nasty remarks aimed at Torres but I guess that people had to vent their anger at some point.



The best of course was yet to come and with Chelsea being run ragged by Luis Suarez and the newly confident Andy Carroll, what we saw in front of us, was for all intents and purposes amazing.

We also saw goals from Daniel Agger and Jordan Henderson who had picked up a wonderful ball from Maxi which found the back of the net, plus of course the obligatory missed penalty kick from Stuart Downing.

This was the Liverpool that we should have been watching all season and I sincerely hope that come August, it will be the Liverpool that we see once again.

Chelsea I guess must have been relieved when half time arrived, because there was no getting away from it, they were awful and as much as I hate to say it, it was wonderful to see.

Roberto Di Matteo did make any changes until a quarter of the way into the second half and it was only then that Chelsea seemed to show any effort.  Liverpool had slowed down at this particular point and it led to the inevitable goal.  With only a two cushion, Liverpool of course needed to wake up quickly and recover their authority over the game.

The game was not over though and it did not take long for Liverpool to put another ball in the back of the net.  This time it was the turn of Jonjo who picked sent one of his trademark shots towards the goal.  This time, it found the back of the net and I guess will go into its rightful place in the clubs history.

The match was drawing to a close when Kenny decided to make a couple substitutions.  He took off Maxi and Stuart Downing and replaced them with young Raheem Stirling and Dirk Kuyt.  Now Dirk did what he always does and began to weave in and out of the players but young Raheem on another day could have found a place in Liverpool's history books.  He picked up a ball and ran towards the goal only to see his shot go over the post.  A shot, which perhaps on another day would have found the back of the net.

Liverpool of course kept going and when referee Kevin Friend blew the final whistle it not only marked the end of a fantastic game but possibly the end of Maxi and Dirk's Anfield Careers.

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