Luis Suarez and His Love Affair with The Canaries

By Faith Fulcher on Sep 29, 12 06:37 PM in Fans

This afternoon was the afternoon that all Liverpool supporters had been waiting for. Liverpool had finally found their goal scoring feet and the match was a joy to watch.  Apart from the fact that Liverpool were in their dreadful third kit rather than their red, there really was not a lot to moan about.

It was also the afternoon that Brendan gave Suso and Andre Wisdom their first full starts in the premier league.  Starts which as the match went on proved that they along with Raheem Sterling had what it takes to become a regular player in the first eleven.

The afternoon though belonged to Luis Suarez, who having scored three against Norwich last season, decided that he was going to do exactly the same again today.  The teams had only been on the pitch sixty five seconds when a clever move saw his first of the afternoon go in.  

Norwich who had not any time to settle down was immediately in a mess and Liverpool took an early command of the game.  The passing and movement style of football that Brendan has implemented since arriving at the club was immediately in evidence and what a joy it was to watch.

There was of course the obligatory penalty call from Luis Suarez that referee Mike Jones decided was playacting.  The trouble is this time it wasn't for the simple reason Suarez was kicked in the back by Barnett and sent flying onto the floor. 

I really hope that Mike Jones on seeing the replays at some point this evening realises he made a massive mist and apologises.  If not I can see Brendan making yet another call to Mike Riley to ask why Liverpool are still not getting the decisions that they are entitled too. 

The refusal to give Liverpool a penalty did not matter in the end of course, because the team were on fire.  Although Norwich did have a chance when Simeon Jackson sent one over the bar, it was Liverpool who nearly scored next.  Suso sent a wonderful ball towards Suarez who then passed it through to Stevie.  Unfortunately Stevie headed the ball straight into Ruddy's hands.

Play quickly began again and it was Luis Suarez who found his name yet again on the score sheet. Seconds after sending a ball wide, he nutmegged Michael Turner and sent the ball curling past Ruddy and into the back of the net.

Liverpool went into the dressing room with a deserved lead at half time and I think I can say that I am not the only one who wondered if they would keep up the pressure on Norwich and not fold in the second half as was more often the norm last season.

I need not have worried of course although we were given a fright when Norwich nearly scored within seconds of the second half started. 

Liverpool quickly recovered and as in the first half the pass and style of football was very much in evidence once again.  So much so that Luis Suarez picked up a ball and and passed it to Liverpool new boy Nuri Sahin.  Sahin then sent it flying towards the goal and with then score now three nil to Liverpool, you could have said that it was game over, but Liverpool very rarely make it easy for themselves, with both Pepe and  Skrtel making mistakes in the final fifteen minutes of the game. Mistakes, which unfortunately led to Norwich scoring two goals.

Suarez of course was chasing another hat trick and his third goal came after Raheem Sterling sent a ball towards Sahin.  Sahin then sent the ball towards a composed Suarez who then sent it curling passed Ruddy.  He had his hat trick and another match ball to add to his collection.

Brendan then began to make his substitutions, replacing young Suso with Assaidi as the clock hit sixty minutes.  It would have been lovely to see Suso finish the game but for the time he was on the pitch, he played extremely well and deserves the plaudits that he will receive over the coming days.

By this time, Reina and his slippery fingers had caused Norwich to pull one back but Liverpool were not going to give in and a wonderful shot from Stevie G found the back of the net.

With the game now drawing to a close, Skrtel made yet another defensive mistake and Norwich were gifted their second goal. 

If both the Norwich goals had happened earlier in the game, I suspect they would have done all they could to level the score or indeed win the game.  But it was not to be of course and Liverpool left Carrow Road with their first win of this season.

A win that showed us the supporters,  that the players are responding to Brendan's training methods. Training methods that will ensure we will now begin to climb the league.  He has also been brave enough to slot several of the youngsters in the first team.  Youngsters who I am sure we are all extremely proud off.  They are after all the Liverpool team of the future.

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