Swansea Bore Draw

By Faith Fulcher on Nov 25, 12 05:30 PM in Fans

There is not really a lot to say about the ninety minutes that I have just witnessed.  Liverpool Football Club are supposed to be a top class side.  A side that should be capable of beating the likes of Swansea but going by the performance today Michael Laudrup is doing a better job of getting his players to play the game of football.

I suspect I am going to answer my own question here, but why on earth were Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Joe Cole in the team because they certainly do not deserve to be there.  I can only think it is because January is just around the corner and what worries me about that scenario is I do not believe that they will be replaced with better quality players.

Now you would have thought that Brendan would have gone all out to prove to Swansea that as he keeps telling the world, he has indeed moved to a better club with years of history behind it.  He did not of course and unless something is done about it very soon, it is my belief that the clubs supporters are going to start getting very rebellious.

There were indications from the very moment that the game kicked off that it was not going to be the walkover that everyone believed it to be.  I will be honest when I say that I could easily have fallen asleep for the first fifteen to twenty minutes as the tikka takka style of football is becoming very boring.  It may be pretty to watch but it is not getting the players into the final third as quickly as it should and it certainly does not give anyone the encouragement that they need to score a goal.

There are even questions about Stevie G's form at the moment and I can understand why because he simply does not look happy in the positions that Brendan wants him to play in.  Stevie is a much better player when he is allowed to roam around the midfield and pick up loose balls.  Until that happen once again, then I simply cannot see him scoring.

I can of course single several players who put in a good days work.  They were of course Raheem Sterling who reads the game extremely well, Glen Johnson and Jose Enrique who have both returned from injury and seem totally different players.  Enrique is the player that stands out the most I guess. He played extremely well again today and it was just a shame that his goal, which came after some wonderful movement was judged as offside.  Whether it was not, will be the subject of many conversations in the days ahead.

Glen and Raheem had several chances at the goal but if they did not go over the bar, they were either saved or went wide.  Of the two, Raheem was the closest when he sent a thundering shot towards the goal only to see it hit the post.

Luis Suarez who earlier in the week appeared to be embroiled in yet another controversy, thankfully shook the hand of Williams before the game began.  He was also at his best once again, moving around the pitch as a man possessed, although luck was against him today and none of his shots found the back of the net.

Our midfield and our defence were not at their best today and I am sorry but I am sick of Brendan telling everyone what a great player Joe Allen is because he is nothing more than average.  His performances lately have been below par and to compare him with Xabi Alonso is very ill advised.  In fact at certain times in the match today, you would have thought that he was part of the Swansea team.

It was also a game of two halves yet again with Liverpool finally finding a little rhythm towards the end of the first half only to see it completely disappear in the second.  There was no rhythm in Liverpool's play or indeed any enthusiasm. Why that was, only they will know but Brendan should have started the second half with Jonjo  and Suso on the pitch.  We may well have stood a chance of scoring if that had happened, but what did he do, he waited until the seventy fifth minute and put Jonjo on, which is fine but to put Joe Cole on the pitch was a mistake waiting to happen.  I am pretty sure that Suso would have had more than the one touch in the final fifteen minutes that Joe did.  This of course means that he was no help to his team mates whatsoever.

The players of course finally woke up in the last ten minutes after a nasty injury to Pepe Reina, but it was too late then to salvage the game and it ended as a no score draw.

Now I know I should be behind my manager and time should be given to see what improvements he is going to make to the team, but my patience is being tested at moment. All I want to see is Liverpool playing a game of football - they are not and as for climbing towards that fourth spot - it simply is not going happen.

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