Liverpool's Two Gems Ensure That The Black Cats Are Beaten

By Faith Fulcher on Jan 3, 13 06:18 PM in Fans

Yesterday was one of those days that would go down in Liverpool's history as the day when several things happened that benefited the club.

The first happened around mid-morning when it was announced that Daniel Sturridge had completed his transfer to Liverpool from Chelsea.  It is hoped that he will step into the breach and help Luis Suarez score the goals that are desperately needed.

The second came in early evening when it was announced that Joe Cole was at West Ham discussing a possible move to them and awaiting his medical. Now I mean no disrespect to Joe, but he was never going to do well at Liverpool - he simply was not the type of player that they needed or indeed wanted. I am sure that now he is back in his native East End, he will once again thrive on the pitch and I wish the best of luck for the remaining years of his football career.

The third came about when Liverpool played Sunderland at Anfield that evening.  It was a game that would have been classed as a must win for Sunderland and for Liverpool it was simply classed as a game that would help on their quest to move up the table.  It would also hopefully help to dispel the myth that Liverpool and consistency do not mix. Which, of course it did, in a style that Liverpool supporters have wanted to see for some time.

Daniel Sturridge, who a lot of supporters had hoped would take part in the game was able to watch the unfolding master class from Luis Suarez, Raheem Sterling, Stevie G and the rest of the team from the Director's box.

The game itself began in a very spiritually manner and it became evident very quickly that Sunderland were going to be left wondering why they were actually on the pitch.  Apart from a few early defensive errors, Liverpool was running rings around their players and it was not long before the first of several fantastic moves happened.

Young Raheem Sterling, who since his arrival in first team has shown what a wonderful talent he is, raced to pick up a fantastic ball that had been sent towards him from Luis Suarez.  He then quite calmly looked into the Sunderland keeper's eyes and took aim.  The ball went straight over the keeper's head and into the back of the net.  This was only Raheem's second goal for the senior team and what a beauty it was and proves to all those who have their reservations about him, that the lad plays football way beyond his maturity.

Seven minutes later, Liverpool's own version of Messi  (to quote Brendan from his post match press conference) Luis Suarez increased the score line. This came after Stevie G having won a clear header in midfield, had it flagged as a foul by Carlos Cuellar.  Luis Suarez then ignored the challenge and picking up the ball with his right foot and sent it passed the Sunderland Keeper.  This move also proved that Luis has matured and is trying to shrug off his 'bad boy' image.

Sunderland were finding it very hard to cope with everything that was being thrown at them, during the first half, although several minutes after Raheem's opening shot, they did have what would turn out  be their only shot on goal.  James Mclean had picked up a ball from Steven Fletcher but sent the ball wide.

The remaining twenty minutes of the first half was a wonderful mixture of some fantastic football by players who had suddenly found their missing form.  Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing I guess are the main two and why it has taken this long for them to prove that the fees paid for them, where indeed well spent.

Now Liverpool are well known for letting their leads and their form slip in the second half of game, but tonight proved that perhaps that too is now in the past.  The team came out onto the pitch and immediately the style of football that they had been playing, was in evidence once more.  So much so that Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard were about to show the supporters at Anfield and those watching the game by whatever means they could, what a fantastic pairing they are, when playing together and being allowed to roam wherever they want on the pitch.

Stevie G, whose form has been questioned recently, had been having a fantastic game, when he picked up and sent a fantastic ball seventy yards to a waiting Luis Suarez, who did, what he does best. He weaved his way through several strikers and having judged the speed of the ball, met it and sent it straight into the back of the net.

Liverpool was now three-nil up and continued to press the Sunderland side in the hope of adding to the score line.  It was not to be, with Luis Suarez being denied by Mignolet.  Joe Allen and Glen Johnson also had goals disallowed due to them being offside.

The game finished and all the plaudits went to Luis Suarez, quite rightly so of course because of his wonderful display, but we must not forget the rest of the team, who also played their hearts out. Each and every one of them did what we have all hoped and waited for them do, since the since began. It also I hope has proved to Daniel Sturridge that he has indeed become part of a humongous club.

From now on hopefully we will now sit in awe and witness many more games that are played and won in the same manner.




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