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IT'S not over until the fat lady sings. On a glorious day at Anfield it was as though the Weather Girls were waiting in limbo with a few of their larger sisters in tow.

The black armbands worn by Liverpool's players were a mark of respect for the 96 supporters who lost their lives at Hillsborough 21 years ago this coming Thursday.

For those who knew no better, they might well have signalled the end of the club's Champions League hopes for next season.

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LIVERPOOL'S recent interest in Kenwynne Jones was curious.

Because the Reds already possess a striker who has exactly the same qualities, if not more, than Sunderland's occasionally effective centre-forward.

He is quicker, trickier, he has a better shot, and while his aerial ability isn't quite as good, he's certainly no slouch upstairs.


GIVEN the afternoon he'd endured, David Moyes' reaction was understand- able. "Do you want this leaving on?" enquired an eager to please press officer, as the Blues boss trudged into the press room while Sir Steven Redgrave and Kelly Smith were still plucking balls from the FA's drum.

"No," he rapped, probably fearing a third round trip to Melchester Rovers with Roy Race on a hot scoring streak.

He needn't have worried. Carlisle at home was a good draw. But it was the only thing which went right for him all day.


EMILE HESKEY does not, it seems, want to leave Aston Villa after all.

Which might explain that whooshing sound you could hear last night, as 40,000 matchgoing Liverpool fans breathed out in relief.

During a frustrating four year spell at Anfield, Emile Heskey was rarely remembered for his ability to bounce back.

But that's just what he did this week.

FOOTBALL dressing room walls are full of motivational catchphrases rubbishing the runner-up.

You know the sort.

"Winning is everything, second is nowhere."

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