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Time to go Hicks!

By Barry Ringstead on Oct 5, 10 10:56 PM in Fans



Liverpool FC's Pepe Reina backs David Moores' plea for Americans to quit Anfield

LIVERPOOL goalkeeper Pepe Reina has welcomed David Moores' plea to co-owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks to bring their disastrous Anfield tenure to a swift conclusion.

Tom Hicks claims Liverpool FC in better state now than David Moores' time

TOM HICKS has claimed Liverpool Football Club is in better shape than when he took over from David Moores.

John Aldridge says former Liverpool FC chairman David Moores will be 'heartbroken'

JOHN ALDRIDGE believes the demise of Liverpool Football Club will have left David Moores 'heartbroken'.

Ian Rush: I can understand Juventus fans still angry over Heysel

FORGIVE but never forget. Sometimes it's much easier said than done.

Plaque unveiled at home of Liverpool FC to mark 25th anniversary of Heysel disaster

A SPECIAL vow of friendship was extended from Liverpool FC to Juventus on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Heysel disaster.


HOW fitting. The season that started with a frustrating, disappointing away day for Liverpool ended in exactly the same way.

Yes it is possible to make excuses but the simple truth, one which is starkly highlighted by the final Premier League table, is that Liverpool were not good enough between the first trip to Tottenham and the last to Hull.

Of course our position would have been different if Fernando Torres had been available more frequently or other key men not suffered injuries but, then again, shouldn't the players who came in have stepped up?


LIVERPOOL are now officially up for sale and the sooner we get rid of the American owners the better.

We can't move forward while Tom Hicks and George Gillett are still in charge and hopefully the appointment of Martin Broughton as chairman will speed up their departure.

Broughton is clearly highly regarded in the business world and we need him to find decent people who want to own the club for the right reasons.

Hicks and Gillett.jpg

EIGHT or nine months after a new Managing Director was brought in to Anfield to run the club - and hopefully sell it - we get reports that someone else is being brought in to run the club and sell it.

The fans have no idea what is going on - whether this new man is good news or bad.

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