Liverpool FC throw weight into bid to free Michael Shields

By Tony Barrett on Nov 29, 08 07:58 AM in Journalists

FOOTBALL clubs are often accused of being out of touch with their fans but that certainly could not be said about Liverpool this week after they agreed to do their bit to free Michael Shields.

A supporters' protest will take place at the West Ham game on Monday night and it has been given the full backing of officials at Anfield.

A mosaic will be unveiled on the Kop and the Reds players will wear t-shirts calling for Michael to be freed during the pre-match warm-up.

It is now down to everyone inside Anfield on the night to do their bit by giving the protest the support it so clearly deserves.

The campaign on behalf of the jailed Liverpool fan is now winning support up and down the country with senior politicians and public figures throwing their weight behind it.

There are no guarantees that even a protest on a par with the "Justice" demonstration during the FA Cup tie against Arsenal in January 2007 will be enough to shift the judiciary in this country.

But voices are currently being heard like never more and yours might, just might, help make the biggest difference of all.

And if anyone wants to help lay out the Kop mosaic at 10.30am on Monday you can get in touch with Andy Knott at for further details.

Silence of the fans can't be a fair excuse

A GREAT deal has been made about the atmosphere at Anfield in recent home games.

There is no doubt about it, it has deteriorated considerably compared to years gone by.

But it can't be used as an excuse if games are not won. Not when the last three teams to win the Premier League play in stadiums that could hardly be described as cauldrons.

Old Trafford, The Emirates and Stamford Bridge have a lot of things going for them but a spine tingling atmosphere is not one of them and yet that hasn't stopped Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea from topping the pile.

Still, it would undoubtedly help the Reds' cause if fans got behind them in a way befitting their twelfth man nickname.

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