Liverpool should field a reserve team against Chelsea

By Barry Ringstead on May 1, 10 07:14 PM in Fans

The big debate about the Chelsea game on Sunday is should Liverpool try and win the game and as a result potentially hand Man United the league or roll-over, let Chelsea win and try and stop United from winning a record-breaking 19th title. It's a no-win scenario as the idea of hearing Ferguson crowing about how he has knocked Liverpool off their perch makes me physically ill. The Times even wrote an article yesterday arguing if you want to beat Chelsea you're not a Liverpool fan. (click here to read the article)

The race for 4th place is a non-reality due to today's results so Liverpool have nothing to lose by fielding an almost reserve team and going all out to beat Chelsea. If we win it will be a famous victory, if we lose then the younger players will have had a great experience.

The bottom line is there is no debate. Liverpool don't go out and try and lose games so that's not an option, so why not create a situation where a victory would be a great achievement and a loss not a tragedy. If it's pride we're worried about then that's something we have had to forgo a long time ago.

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