Bolton V Liverpool - The Reebok Stadium

By Faith Fulcher on Aug 29, 09 08:13 PM in Fans

This afternoon I switched the computer on with trepidation, would I be watching another disaster or would Liverpool Football Club find their winning ways.

The team was as expected, Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Kygiakos, Insua, Kuyt, Masherano, Lucas, Riera, Gerrard and Torres. On the subs bench was Gulacsi,Voronin, Benayoun, Plessi, Kelly, Skirtel and Dossena.

Looking at the team sheet, I thought maybe we have a chance and settled down to watch the game. The team started quite well with Torres getting an early chance which he unfortunately missed. Oh dear I thought here we go again. Bolton were having a good day and were soon attacking our players causing a couple of free kicks. Unfortunately again the opportunity to score was missed. I watched and waited, my heart feeling a little lighter as the team seemed to be playing very well. They were passing to one another and the game was flowing nicely. I thought if this carries on, we could perhaps win the game.

Suddenly disaster struck, Bolton were awarded a free kick and our sloppy defence let another set piece end in a goal, this time scored by Kevin Davis. Play continued and I watched as things got a little nasty ending in Mamba receiving a yellow card. Liverpool appeared to have picked themselves up and the great fight back had begun. As they were heading towards the goal Torres was challenged by Zac Knight and awarded a free kick. Glen Johnson very quickly converted this and the score was Liverpool 1 Bolton 1. The game then began to flow until a problem was caused at the goal. Reiner complained to Alan Whiley just before the whistle and indicated that he was unable to get to the ball.

Half time quickly arrived and I sat wondering if we could turn the game around. Liverpool I thought definitely played better than at Aston Villa on Monday night which was a good sign. Lucas unfortunately made a few silly mistakes but give the lad his due, he did everything he could to impress the Liverpool supporters and to be honest I think he had a good game.

The second half arrived and again due to our poor defence Bolton quickly scored again and were back in front. Liverpool were again given a free kick but this was wasted. Shortly afterwards Shaun Davis was given a red card and Bolton were down to 10 men. This I thought could become interesting. It did , the team seemed to find a new sense of meaning and Torres quickly made the score 2-2. The game continued and as we reached the 65th minute Rafa made his expected substitutions, Benayoun was on for Riera. He quickly got in the action and the game began to flow better with Stevie having a near miss. Dirk Kuyt also had a near miss with the ball skimming past the post. By now it was like watching the team from the end of last season. Everyone was chasing the ball and getting closer and closer to scoring, Mascherano was substituted by Voronin - a player who I do not rate very highly, who then also had a near miss. Now the minutes had began to tick away. My mood was beginning to change as I could not sense a victory, but then our saviour, Stevie G did it again 3-2. we had won the game.

I am a much happier fan tonight and hope that the wins will continue. I certainly got the impression that the lads played their hearts out today and I must admit I was impressed with both Lucas and Kyriakos who both had good games.

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