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US sports have a great term for those who consistently deliver when the game is on the line: a clutch player.

We are about to find out if JW Henry has the big play in him at the big time.


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Fernando Torres can go - but Liverpool FC demanding record £50m deal

LIVERPOOL will only entertain selling want-away Fernando Torres if they can immediately bring in a top level striker as a replacement.

Luis Suarez's will to win makes him Liverpool FC star

BY any sort of standards, Luis Suarez's goalscoring exploits are enough to raise an approving eyebrow.

Fernando Torres is one of the worlds finest strikers. He's at the peak of his playing career at 26 and like everyone else he's sick of the way Liverpool have been owned, managed and performed.

He wants success and trophies to show for his unbelievable talent so who can blame him for wanting to go to another club where he can play with other top players who can make him even more successful on and off the pitch?

It may be that the club have broken promises they made you. But now you have broken your word to the fans.

You are alleged to want a deal advantageous to both the club and yourself.

Yet you've tried to corner us in the closing days of this transfer window, at a time when both Madrid and Barcelona are financially hamstrung. There's no advantageous circumstances there for us.

So if LFC do what's right, they'll make you sweat and announce to all and sundry the issue will be revisited in the summer.

Don't be surprised if we accept Madrid's offer ahead of others.

After all, what's one more betrayal on top of another?

Or does it are one of them any thoughts going through the minds of myself and many other Liverpool Supporters today.

Last night was the return of our captain to the Liverpool Line-up. Although absent for three games he was immediately slotted back into the team, taking up the centre midfield slot to replace the injured Lucas. Whether this would help or hinder the team was a question that would be answered in the space of ninety minutes or so we thought.

Liverpool were playing their rearranged fixture against Fulham at Anfield and with the twelfth man fired up as well due to the return of King Kenny, everyone from the normal supporter to several members of the media thought that it would be an easy game - they had spent the day reminding people that during the King's last reign Liverpool had indeed beaten Fulham 10-0. If I remember rightly I was at that game and can remember what a great day it was.

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