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That shining star of course is young Raheem Sterling, who at 17 years of age scored a wonderful goal for Liverpool during this afternoon's game against Reading. 

Reading of course were previously managed by Brendan Rodgers and replaced by their current manager, Brian McDermott, who saw his team promoted at the end of last season.  That promotion at this point in time appears to have already run into trouble as they languishing in the bottom of the Premiership table. A table which, until this afternoon also showed that Liverpool are sitting in the fourteenth position. Liverpool are looking for their first win at Anfield since April and with a serious lack of strikers in the squad, it was anyone's guess as to where the goals would come from.

Now I know we have Luis Suarez but he is not a miracle worker which means that if any of the other players can score, then so be it.  Today was one of those days when he needed help because for all the effort he put in, none of his shots found their way into the back of the net?  Why this is only he can answer, but I put a lot of it down to him trying too hard due to his frustration.  There was also the added exhaustion due to having to travel half way around the world to play for Uruguay.  This meant that due to the journey back he did not have the recommended recovery time before the next game.

This morning a press conference was held in Liverpool Town Hall in the presence of the countries media, rather than just the people of Merseyside because Liverpool Football Club were finally going to reveal their plans for the future benefit of the club.

That future of course has centred around the stadium and for the last ten years, we, the supporters along with the residents of the Anfield area have heard many stories and indeed have been shown plans and photographs that have to this day, never bared any fruit.

Today, though providing all goes to plan signalled a change in direction for all those involved.  Mayor Joe Anderson announced that Liverpool City Council had been granted a £25 million grant to improve the Anfield area.  He has set up a Development board and the members of this would be himself, Tom Werner on behalf of Liverpool Football Club and Kathy Cowell of Your Housing.  Your Housing, for those of you who are unfamiliar of the name, is the Housing Association that has been chosen for the modernisation of the houses and indeed any new build that will take place.

Today was supposed to be the day that Liverpool finally broke their duck and win a game at home but it was not to be. 

It was also the home debut for Suso and Andre Wisdom, who look as though they have cemented a place in the first team ahead of players such as Stewart Downing. Stewart Downing was not even named on the subs bench, which going by what has occurred over the weekend is not surprising.  In his place was Joe Cole who is trying to cement a return to the first team after a long bout of injury.

Now everybody knows how Tony Pullis and Stoke love to play the long ball game and for the first ten minutes of the game that is the type of football we had to watch and it certainly was not pretty.  As hard as Liverpool tried to implement the pass and move style of play, it simply was not going to happen. Stoke were determined to do everything they could to stop Liverpool creating moves and moving forward, so much so that their aggressive side become evident very quickly.

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