Arise Sir Steven of Anfield

By Faith Fulcher on Dec 31, 11 01:51 PM in Fans

You may laugh and you may jest at the title of this blog, but at some point in the future that is something I believe will happen.


Because last night our Captain Steven Gerrard, not only what a fantastic player he is but what a fantastic servant he has been to Liverpool Football Club.  

Stevie as we all know has been on the side lines for most of the year with an injured groin. During his recovery from this, he then picked up a secondary infection which stalled his comeback.  His comeback was timed for September - October and lone behold having played in a couple of games, he picked up a cut on his ankle, which for reasons only known to the club's medical staff, became infected very quickly, causing him to miss more time on the pitch.

 With Kenny not giving us any idea of when he would be back, he was introduced last week during the Blackburn game and you could immediately see the impact his presence made on the pitch.  Last night though what we saw was something special.

Not only was it one of those strange evening's within the Christmas fixture list, an evening that saw Liverpool play on a Friday. It was also one of those evening's where you wondered if the Liverpool team were actually on the pitch.

The team chosen by Kenny had several changes of personnel which included Jay Spearing being brought back into the Midfield and Andy Carroll being his first start for several weeks.  Now Andy has a point to prove and to help him do this Kenny paired him with Craig Bellamy.  A pairing which if it had worked, would have seen Andy score some goals, but yet again it was Craig that pulled Liverpool back from what could have been a defeat on their home turf.

The first half was one of those where as I said you wondered, if it was the Liverpool team on the pitch. There appeared to be very little understanding amongst the players.  Balls were going everywhere and it appeared that Andy did not seem to know where he was supposed to be on the pitch.  Every ball that was meant for him seemed to pass him by - some I suspect were just over-hit but there were others which if he had moved a little, he would have picked up.

Because of this, it was left to players such as Daniel Agger, Jose Enrique and Stewart Downing to try and get the elusive goal.  It did not happen and to be honest, it looked as though the game was going to be yet another draw.  Until Newcastle suddenly sprung to life and caused problems in the penalty area, problems with caused Daniel Agger to touch a deflected and score an own.

That goal though, seemed to wake everyone up and suddenly everyone seemed to believe they had a game on their hands.  Newcastle of course had to try and keep the lead, but had forgotten how good Craig Bellamy was.  He picked up a ball from Charlie Adam, weaved around the Newcastle defenders and hey presto, the ball was in the back of the net.

Liverpool was now level and both teams went into the dressing room at half time, wondering what they needed to do to turn the game in their favour.  Kenny of course, had the answer.

The clock hit 60 minutes as the clubs very own super-sub STEVIE G was introduced into fray replacing a very tired looking Charlie Adam, who had, had a very bad game.  His impact on the team became immediately apparent.  Suddenly the team seemed more confident and their passing improved.  So much so, that suddenly Newcastle began to melt with mistakes being made and cards being dished out by Lee Probert.   One of these mistakes - Tiote bringing down Daniel Agger, lead to a free kick and Craig Bellamy sent the ball over the Newcastle wall and Liverpool were now in the lead.

A lead, which, if it had not been for the brilliant defending of Martin Skrtel, would have been lost once again.  Now Martin has as we know has been a bit of a hit and miss defender, but his improvement recently along with his partnership of Daniel Agger has shown dividends.  Last night, he was quick enough to follow the path of the ball into the empty net, get behind it and the save that followed will be a talking point for many years.

The twelfth man was now in full voice - a voice that would be heard throughout the country several minutes later.  Stevie was now controlling the game, picking up balls and directing them to the right people.  One of these was Andy Carroll who seemed to play a lot better with Stevie on the Pitch. He had a couple of chances but that final touch is still missing.  Why nobody knows and to be honest I think he needs to stop hesitating and just kick or head the ball.  Don't worry to much about where it goes and to see it as a bonus if it hits the back of the net.

Stevie though, being the Captain had to have the last word and he did.  His play as I have said was fantastic and you just knew from the moment he picked up the ball from Jordan Henderson, it was going to hit the back of the net.  It did and as sound resonated around Anfield, Stevie went over to Kenny, who of course had the biggest smile on his face, and hi-fived him.

Our captain, the boy from Huyton who has been at Liverpool since his teenage years, proved once again that wearing the Liverbird, is an extremely proud and important thing to do.  Something which of course we hope, he will do for many years to come.

He was of course made man-of-the-match and quite rightly so, but we must not forget Craig Bellamy who ended up being taken off after receiving a cut to his eye.  Here is a player who moved to the club on a free transfer and plays his heart out in every game he plays. He also deserved the award and hopefully they both shared the obligatory bottle of champagne.

The match of course signalled the end of 2011.  A year which began for Liverpool supporters on 8th January when Kenny Dalglish returned to the club and signalled to the football fraternity that Liverpool were going to find their back to where they belong.  They are doing that of course and during 2012 I am sure there will be a few mishaps along the way but it will prove to be an exciting one for Liverpool Football club and its supporters.

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