The New 'Anfield' Stadium

By Faith Fulcher on Dec 31, 09 03:41 PM in Fans

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Yesterday it was revealed in the Liverpool Echo that Liverpool Football Club is now in the position to go ahead with the building of the New Stadium in Stanley Park.

This was in fact revealed by Warren Bradley who is the leader of Liverpool City Council. During an interview he stated that he had been told by Chief Executive Christian Purslow that the rebuild was due to start before the end of April 2010. He also revealed that he has told the club that it is time for them to move on as the whole sorry saga has gone on for far too long. It appears that there has been a turnaround due to the fact that Liverpool Football Club had to open up their books to prove to the Football Association that the city could bid to become a host city for the 2018 World Cup.

I only hope that this is not another false dawn for the club and its supporters. We have had far too many of those already. As most people are aware one of the first promises that Tom Hicks and George Gillett made was that a spade would be in ground within weeks of them taking over. I have been to Anfield several times this season and it hurts to see the builders hoardings covering what should now be a building site in the throes of handing a new stadium over to Liverpool Football Club. I will be honest and say that I have actually stood there and tried to imagine what it would look like.

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You also have to remember that transport links to the ground will have to be modernised. At the moment there is no direct rail link, supporters have to go to Sandhills and pick up the Soccerbus. The only other alternatives are to use your own transport and park in the special car parks or to use a local bus or taxi service. There was talk of a rail link being resurrected which would be ideal and I do believe that perhaps a train to stadium bus pick up from Lime Street would be extremely handy.

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What we have to remember is the financial climate at the moment although improving is still not right and very few investments are being made. We also have owners who do not communicate with one another. This is causing what should be termed as a major problem within the club. One wants to sell, the other wants to stay put, our finances are in a mess and there does not seem to be any end to the constant rumours about possible new owners.

What I honestly think is that until I either see or get reports of a digger arriving on Stanley Park we have yet again entered into the dream world of George Gillett and Tom Hicks. Of course, it is possible that once the rebuild is started a new owner may be more interested in buying the club.

Of course I could also be dreaming - you see I have visions of this wonderful stadium staring at me with the name The Bill Shankly Stadium in lights across its Main entrance.

Now back to reality, in reply to the newspaper article Liverpool Football Club have come out and said that they will start building once the financial markets are stable. That I understand is going to be a lot further on than April 2010.

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