The One Man Team is Alive and Kicking

By Faith Fulcher on Jan 21, 12 10:57 PM in Fans

And quite frankly it should not be, but having just witnessed what I can only describe as a horror story, is the impression I got.

That horror story began three minutes and twenty eight seconds into our game against Bolton when Mark Davies ran through what I can only describe as our hapless defence and the ball was in the back of the net. 

Now don't get me wrong, but is that the same defence that people are saying is 100% better without Jamie as part of it.  They appeared to be all over the place, there was no reading of each other's movements and it seemed as though nobody seemed to realize what position or indeed what formation the team were playing.  Jamie I believe would not have allowed that to happen and with the score still at nil - nil, the team may well have found their feet and gone on to get the result they wanted.

That of course is wishful thinking on my part, because for the next twenty six minutes, Liverpool looked as though they were the team that was struggling to get out of the relegation zone rather than Bolton who looked as though they were the team who had fourth place in their sights.  Our midfield was as appalling as our defence and Reo-Coker slotted home Bolton's second. 

Our players seemed to have forgotten how to pass or indeed control the ball at their feet.  There were far too many instances of "oh dear, what is that round thing, coming towards me, I had better move out of the way" 

Except for one of course and that man was Craig Bellamy.  Now here we have a player that cost nothing and yet his passion and his pride in wearing the red shirt was shining through.  If he felt he could make something out of a run, he tried and indeed succeeded on the 37th minute when he picked up a header from Andy Carroll and kicked it into the net.

Would this be the wake-up call the team needed I wondered as the game headed towards the half time mark. The next ten minutes though were as bad as the earlier thirty seven and it was a relief to all concerned when Kevin Friend blew the half time whistle.

There was I suspect a misconception around that Kenny would give the team a rollicking during the half time break because if he did they certainly were not listening.  Apart from Craig Bellamy they came out with the same could not give a damn attitude.

An attitude, which led to Bolton scoring their third goal within ten minutes of the game restarting. There appeared to be no way back now for Liverpool who despite Stevie G trying to do what he does best when the chips are down, could not find the enthusiasm or the concentration to turn the game around.

Kenny who was by now looking rather exasperated made two changes, replacing Maxi with Dirk and Charlie with Stewart and although the team seemed to suddenly fall into a better formation it was too late.  There was not even the late foray in the penalty area that we have become used too and quite frankly it was a relief when Kevin Friend blew the whistle to end the game.

Now Kevin Friend, is not really a friend of Liverpool Football Club as you all know and today he proved that once again.  Craig got a telling off for yelling at Reo-Coker - oh wait; the world's television audience saw it the other way around.  Stevie got caught by a Bolton player, but the free kick went to Bolton rather than Stevie and the fourth official wonders why Kenny was having a go at him.

If today proved anything, it proved that several players need to be moved on urgently and Kenny has only ten days left to do that.  We all have our own ideas of who they should be and I don't care to be quite honest about what the rest of you think, but if necessary I will take Andy Carroll back to the North East myself.  He is not a Liverpool player and never will be.  His laziness stuck out like a sore thumb tonight and I certainly don't buy the theory that he is not getting the service he needs.  The players do try to get it to him, but if the ball is on the ground he jumps out of the way, if its in the air he does not jump high enough and he certainly can't run.  Charlie Adam is another one, who after a fine start now seems to be saying - you know the premiership really is not for me.  He makes too many mistakes and is now giving too many free kicks away, as well as being unable to realize that sometimes you have to give the ball to someone else closer to the goal.  If he had done that this evening Maxi could well have scored.


Some of the other players need to look at themselves as well and hopefully after hearing Kenny this evening they will:  If the following quote does not hit home nothing will.


"Some of those players won't be in a red shirt much longer if they carry on playing that way. It was disrespectful".


That red shirt stands for a club that can do a lot better than it did today.  A club that must succeed and to do that it must win trophies and get to the top of the Premiership.  If the team plays again like it did today, then not only will once more be a one man team, it will ensure that Liverpool Football Club will be classed as failure and that is totally unacceptable.

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