Questions Need To Be Answered Because Liverpool Appear To Be Going Backwards

By Faith Fulcher on Mar 10, 12 07:48 PM in Fans

Having just watched the Sunderland versus Liverpool game, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that what we all witnessed was a horror story.  The players performances today were diabolical and it about time someone starting asking some very serious questions.  Those questions must also be directed at the Director of Football as well as the Manager and his coaching staff. 

I have to admit that I was worried about the result; the moment that the team was announced and it lead me to wonder, just as I did last week if Kenny has any input in the team selection.  There appear to me, to be too many hap hazard changes each week for them to be down to Kenny.  His knowledge of the game should guarantee that the right players are chosen each week. But within minutes of them being on the pitch, my fears were well-found because it became clear that the wrong eleven were on the pitch. I also do not agree with the captain being the goalkeeper, because it means that there is no leadership in the middle of field and that is the place where it should always be.

The game of course was always going to be a difficult one as Sunderland have improved since Martin O'Neill took over as manager, but I suspect even they did not know, they were going to face eleven men who simply gave the impression that today's game was just something that had popped up in their diary and they needed to get it out of the way.  It was as though the clock had been turned back to last year during Roy Hodgson's reign because the standard of football was diabolical.  I don't think I saw one complete pass the whole of the first half and I think in the second half they only happened once Stevie had come onto the pitch, if then.  I have to admit I started to concentrate on my knitting rather than watch the game to ensure I calmed down.

But then again why should I calm down.  The season is three quarters of the way through and I along with the rest of you should be celebrating our steady climb up the league towards that treasured Champions League Spot.  A spot that is now absolutely and totally out of our reach because let's all face the fact now, with the rubbish we have in the team it is simply not going to happen.

That rubbish of course was brought into the club by Damien Comolli, who religiously goes by that stupid money ball system.  A system, that apparently dictates that you buy in young players so that you get your monies worth in around 5 years' time, when they reach their true potential.  It is about time someone opened his eyes and made him realize in the English game, you buy players of quality no matter what their age is to ensure you reach the goals that are set by your owners.  Now as far as I am concerned, Damien Comolli is nothing more than a scout and certainly should be doing the job he is doing, because he simply does not have a clue.  I would have thought that having been sacked by Tottenham and Arsenal guaranteed that he never got a job in the Premier League again, but then when you are new to the game and he is recommended by Arsenal's owner I guess John Henry took him on after listening to some very well-rehearsed speeches.

In total since last January eight new players have joined Liverpool's ranks and three of them are simply not good enough to wear the Liverpool shirt.  They are Charlie Adam, Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson.  Three players, who were overpriced and quite frankly should never, have been looked at by Liverpool. Yes they played well for their old clubs, but in those clubs the standards set were different.  Charlie was supposed to help bolster our midfield and it is not happening and I think one of the youngsters would do so much better. Andy was brought in to score goals - please tell me how he can do that, when he appears to have forgotten what a ball looks like. Jordan, I think finds the big games too much at the moment and his nerves take over.

Sebastian Coates, is another example of a young expensive player which still does not understand what playing for Liverpool means, today his nerves took over and quite frankly we were lucky to escape with just the one goal against us.  Why Jamie was not on the pitch is another of life's mysteries.

Of the others, Stewart Downing is slowly beginning to find his feet and if he can begin to understand that you must play well every week, then yes, he may at some point in the future be able to stake his place every week in the team. 

Luis Suarez of course is suffering I believe from a lack of confidence at the moment, hence his lack of action in front of the goal.  I have my doubts as to whether it will recover by the end of the season or if indeed he will be a Liverpool player at the beginning of next season.

Craig Bellamy is the signing of the season and what did he cost nothing.  Here is a lad who is now in his thirties but his thirst for the game is second to none.  His energy and his enthusiasm is fantastic as is his love of the game.  This of course is the one example that throws that stupid money ball system straight out of the window.  Today he was let down by his team mates and simply could not get into the game.

Jose Enrique is another player, who has slotted straight in and has saved us on quite a few occasions. Again he is closer to the older rather than the younger player and understands what playing for a big club means. He did his best today but with his team mates not knowing whether to chase or pick up the ball, he was on a hiding to nowhere.

Now to the Manager and his coaching staff.  I have nothing against Kenny and I honestly do not believe the dire performances that we have witnessed lately are down to him.  Although he joins in the training sessions, they are mainly mapped out by his colleagues Steve Clarke and Kevin Keen.  Now we all know Kenny has a fantastic pedigree and at this moment in time it is probably like a noose around his neck.  As soon as the players do as they did today and play badly, he gets pulled apart. That has to stop because the buck lies with the eleven players on the pitch.

His assistants though, need to look at themselves and ask if they are training the players in the right way.  Steven Clarke came with a massive pedigree after being at Chelsea with Jose Mouriniho and knows all about winning, so why can he not get this into the heads of the players.  Kevin Keen came from West Ham and that should set some questions in motion, after all they have become a team that goes up and down between the premiership and the championship every other season.

I said last season before the changes were made that I had a feeling the training sessions were not as they should be and was proved right time and time again.  These season, although we see them doing some ball work and running, I would really love to know what the rest of the sessions are composed off, because they are not working

Something needs to be done and done quickly and I certainly don't advocate changing the manager. The club is as we all know in a period of transition and Kenny needs to complete the job.  What he does not need are players that have no intention of ensuring the club moves forward. These players are only there for the massive pay check at the end of the month and need to be moved on urgently once the window opens in the summer.

Until they are the club will continue to go backwards and to be honest I dread to think where we will be at the end of May.

Saying that though, there is a young man out there with Liverpool etched very deeply in his heart and not only is he a free agent, he is looking for a new club.  Who is this young man you may ask.  His name of course is Robbie Fowler and if anyone can solve our goal drought, he can.  He may also be able to join Stevie, Jamie and Craig in trying to get the message across to the players that playing for Liverpool Football Club is a privilege and not a drudgery that they need to get out of the way.


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